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The environment and sustainability
The forest industry is an important provider of sustainable solutions and well-being

The forest industry is an important provider of sustainable solutions and well-being.The forest industry produces to the market climate-friendly products made from renewable and recyclable raw materials that can reduce people's and society's dependence on depleting natural resources.
Agenda 2030

Sustainability commitments in the forest industry contribute to the achievement of the Agenda 2030 goals in many ways.

Finnish forest industry climate roadmap
Finnish forest industry climate roadmap

The Finnish forest industry’s climate roadmap highlights the industry's strong role in achieving Finland's ambitious goal to be carbon neutral by 2035.

Focus on sustainability

In the forest industry, sustainability plays a key role throughout the entire value chain: from renewable raw materials and resource-efficient production processes to the use, recycling and ultimately energy recovery of products.

Biodiversity is the basis of sustainable forestry. In practice, biodiversity is promoted through the nature management and by protecting areas especially valuable for biodiversity. At production plants, processes have been developed to produce more final products from fewer raw materials. In addition, while production volumes have increased, emissions have fallen to a fraction of their former levels.

The forest industry has been engaged in long-term sustainability work for decades, and industry's voluntary sustainability commitments are steering the sector in an even more sustainable direction. The UN's Sustainable Development Goals are strongly embedded in the updated commitments from 2018. The industry has a significant role to play in the implementation of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Paper for recycling is a valuable raw material

Recycled fibre is an important raw material for paper manufacturing.

The circular economy