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Career opportunities

The forest industry
is building
a sustainable future

Forests and trees provide a solution to tackling major challenges such as climate change and rising consumption.

Good employment opportunities

Forests provide thousands of jobs across Finland and abroad. There is plenty of work for professionals from versatile educational backgrounds.

Diverse jobs

The forest industry provides jobs in different working environments: in the natural surroundings of forests, with customers, at a head office, at a bioproduct mill, in a research laboratory…

Fair pay

On average, wages in the forest industry are higher, compared to other industries. Different kinds of bonuses increase the paycheck for shift workers in factories.

Would you like to join the forest industry?

The forest industry is a renewing, innovative industry that employs tens of thousands of people in Finland. We offer diverse career paths and jobs that are sure to inspire you!

Start building a sustainable future

The forest industry offers employment in diverse positions for tens of thousands of people in Finland. The constantly renewing industry works with renewable raw materials and builds the future on a sustainable basis.

Products made from wood can be used to replace many products made from fossil raw materials. Wood can be turned into almost anything: paper, paperboard, building materials, textiles, medical applications and various packaging materials.

Forest industry related education is widely available in both universities and universities of applied sciences. In addition to an education in the field of forestry and technology, you can find your way to the forest industry through other forms of education as the forest industry companies require versatile expertise. For example, there are jobs for experts in the fields of business, natural sciences, communications, social sciences, design and human resource management.

Useful links related to education in the forest industry:

Make sure to also visit the websites of the educational institutions!

Forest industry related education is widely available in both universities and
universities of applied sciences.
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Apprenticeships offer tools for working life

The forest industry is committed to ensuring the development of its employees' competence and providing diverse employment pathways.

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Success grows on trees - Wood-based innovations for a sustainable future

The forest industry answers to global challenges by making products from renewable, increasing and recyclable raw materials - wood and all its components.

The circular economy