The Finnish Forest Industries Federation expands its team in Brussels by welcoming Lydia Dettling as a FFIF’s new manager of EU Affairs. She will be working with all FFIF's experts to bring them closer to the Brussels policymaking bubble. FFIF’s leader of EU-Affairs Kaisu Karvala sees a lot of potential in the new partnership.

"We are thrilled to have Lydia and her expertise on EU law and politics onboard. I am delighted to have international expert join us, supporting us with our EU engagement and very much look forward to building the future of FFIF in Brussels", Karvala says.

Lydia Dettling is experienced in EU law and policy having led EU engagement campaigns for some of the world's leading technology companies in Brussels and London during her previous role as an EU Tech Policy Manager and EU-Lead. She also has experience in international legal affairs.

“It is important to broaden our presence in Brussels with international talent as we want to be heard, reach out to and be understood and supported by many more member states and the Commission. It is even more important during this time, when Europe needs to get bio based economy into commissions next agenda to get rid of fossils”, Karvala continues.

FFIF’s new manager is looking forward to supporting to bring more awareness to European policymakers of the ongoing activities and innovation in the sector.

“I think the forest sector is core to many of the EU's policy priorities notably climate change and sustainability and trade and strategic autonomy. Now is a very exciting time to be operating in this sphere. The Finnish forest sector has a lot of impressive and innovative solutions to many of the problems European policymakers are now trying to tackle and are really a leading example for the industry”, remarks Dettling.

Lydia Dettling works in English, French and German.