On 17 April, the Finnish Forest Industries Federation in association with the Swedish Forest Industries Federation and the German Pulp and Paper Association hosted Members of the European Parliament to express gratitude as their current tenure draws to a close.

The event was an opportunity to reflect on the important legislative developments for the industry during the past legislative term and to appreciate the hard work undertaken by Members of the European Parliament throughout the preceding term. The event not only served as a platform for reflection but also as an encouraging call for ongoing collaboration between policymakers and industry stakeholders in fostering a sustainable future.

Paula Lehtomäki, CEO of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation, thanked the MEPs for their hard work over the past five years, and the respectful cooperation and working relationship they developed with the industry.

In particular FFIF, voiced its appreciation to the MEPs as they conclude their final negotiations on the Packaging and Paper Waste Regulation, advocating for a good balance between recycling and reuse, and the Ecodesign regulation for sustainable products, acknowledging the value of renewability.

FFIF looks forward to continuing to work with European policymakers during the next legislative term to ensure future policies continue to prioritise climate goals and reduce fossil emissions, and focus further on promoting the circular bioeconomy while countering protectionism and securing a global level playing field for industries.