The Finnish Forest Industries Federation Will Not Be a Party to Collective Bargaining in the Negotiations

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation will not participate in negotiations concerning the terms of employment of the member companies. The Finnish Forest Industries Federation will not coordinate the collective bargaining of the member companies, and the negotiations will not be discussed in the Finnish Forest Industries Federation's bodies.

However, the Finnish Forest Industries Federation supports its member companies in taking the reform forward by providing training in the content of labour laws and negotiating skills. The federation also offers its members company-specific coaching and materials that explain the legal framework in the event of this structural change.

The collective agreements are, in principle, fixed-term and valid for the term of the agreement. According to its rules, the Finnish Forest Industries Association no longer enters into collective agreements, and it has terminated all its existing collective agreements until the end dates of the valid contractual periods.

The terms of employment based on national collective agreements negotiated by the FFIF will cease gradually upon the expiration of each collective agreement, between end of 2021 and at the latest in the end of 2022.

By implication of the reform, the Finnish Forest Industries Federation will focus on influencing and advising on  development of labour laws and legislation concerning working life, promoting, inter alia wider possibilities for  company/business -specific locally agreed solutions on terms of employment, as well as on ensuring the availability of a skilled and competent workforce for the industries. The industries are dedicated to ensure the success of Finland and the Finnish Forest Industries.