We are on the right track – we can all make a difference

The biodiversity roadmap of the wood processing industry helps to better understand the impacts of forest management and the actions for biodiversity on the forest environment.

The roadmap shows that we are on the right track. By many indicators, forest biodiversity has seen positive development in recent decades. Future scenarios show that the measures already in place and the measures to be further intensified will reinforce this trend. Extensive implementation and better targeting of actions will improve the results.

Read the different sections of the road map and download the images from the links below:

Decades of biodiversity work pays of

Diverse forests improve the status of many threatened species

Positive development of biodiversity continues towards 2050

Roadmap of the wood processing industry shows the way to improve biodiversity

Cooperation is the key to improve biodiversity in forests

Download the full roadmap for more biodiverse forests from below.