Thanks to our pulp expertise, our forested country has made it to the top among the world’s welfare states. Export revenue from the forest industry is important for the national economy.

In Finland, there are 12 pulp mills that provide jobs and prosperity throughout the country. The constantly renewing industry works with renewable raw materials and builds the future on a sustainable basis.

About half of the mass of wood is cellulose. The best-known top-quality product made from Finnish pulp is the long-fiber pulp retrieved from coniferous trees. The process of producing pulp has developed tremen-dously, for example, with regard to the utilisation of side streams.

Pulp is renewable, recyclable, biodegradable, safe and light material. It is used in making consumer products needed in everyday life. Furthermore, textiles and nanocellulose, for example, open up entirely new opportunities.

Pulp has a bright future ahead. Thanks to new technology, pulp will be used more extensively for different consumer needs, such as textiles, vehicles, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

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