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Finnish Forest Industry​
Of Exported Goods
18,1 %
Mills in Finland
Employment Impact
74 000
Fossil CO₂ Emmissions
- 66 %
Tax Revenue Annually
2,7 bil.
Investments Generated
2,4 bil.
Forest Resources
2,5 bil.
cubic meters
Climate Benefit
16 mil.
CO₂ abated

Future growth and sustainable welfare

Forests cover more than 75 per cent of the land area of Finland. This makes Finland the most forested country in Europe and explain how the Finnish forest industry has traditionally had a key role in the Finnish society.


Forest industry is responsible for about a fifth of Finland’s exports. It plays a significant role in the national economy, offering jobs and sustainable wellbeing. 


Some of the largest international forest industry corporations are headquartered in Finland. The industry is at the leading edge of European bioeconomy. The traditional and new innovative products substitute fossil intensive materials globally. The rising demand of more sustainable products in the long-term, ensures positive growth prospects for the sector.

Finland’s commitment to ecologically, economically and socially sustainable forest management ensures growth opportunities to the industry relying mainly domestically sourced renewable raw wood-material. 

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Forest industry production volumes since 1960

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Wood consumption and imports

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