The Finnish Forest Industries Federation organised a virtual breakfast event on Friday the 16th of March on the role of carbon sinks in the EU climate policy. The EU Climate Law, that sets EU on a path towards climate neutrality by 2050, calls for a stronger role of forest sinks.

Forest Director Karoliina Niemi of the Finnish Forest Industries highlighted that the elimination of fossil resources must be the EU priority.

Member of Environmental Committee, MEP Nils Torvalds (Renew) has been strongly involved in the negotiations on EU Climate Law, which take place between the Member States and the European Parliament.

– Within the next few months, the European Commission will publish a legislative package that includes several important proposals on climate policy. LULUCF proposal will be very important for forest-rich Finland and our forest industries, underlined Torvalds.

In her closing statement Niemi stressed that future sink-related accounting rules should better reflect the reality and emphasised that sinks and emissions should remain Member State specific.